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Feedback from our clients

Andrey Fedotov
I needed money, I got it through your service, it was enough to fill out a short form.
Igor Petrenko
I needed money at night, and I got it through this site. I liked that I didn't have to fill out a lot of questionnaires.
Julia Vasilyeva
The car broke down, I filled out a form at the car service station, and received the money within 10 minutes. Helped out, I think I will use it.
Valentina Fadeeva
It was necessary to quickly buy a birthday gift, which very much helped out for which I am grateful.


How long is a loan request considered?

We will analyse your data provided within several minutes, and will immediately provide you with offers.

How to take a loan?

Capitan.Money service enables you to get a loan extended online in Moscow as well as in any other Russian city. It is enough to get registered on our website, wait for your form analysis and choose an offer

How can I get money?

The method of receiving money is to be selected by you. It is either paid to the plastic card (VISA/MASTERCARD), or to your account or e-purse. Another possibility is receiving the money via Contact and Golden Crown systems.

What amount and loan period can I expect?

You can get the amount from 1000 to 100 000 roubles for up to 30 weeks.

About our company

We are continuously improving our website, seeking to find the best offers.

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Fill in a form
And get money within a couple of minutes

The loan is extended in Russian roubles to the citizens of the Russian Federation, to the bank account, to the plastic card or in cash. The minimum loan amount is 1 000 roubles. The maximum loan amount is 100 000 roubles. The interest rate is from 0% per annum to 365% per annum, the loan repayment period is from 1 to 365 days, included.

* Service users can get a loan at the minimum interest rate of 0%. The details when selecting a personal offer. The loan total amount may be changed following the results of the form initial check.

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